Supervisor's Report Through 5/29/2015


From the desk of:

       Keith A. Langley, Supervisor

                       Town of East Greenbush

It has been a while since I have provided a Waste Water Treatment Plant Project update to the residents, and with a growing number of concerned calls from the residents, I would like to take some time to address that today.  There are two areas of the WWTP I would like to cover, the construction project and the Sludge Spill.

On March 12th, there was a Sludge Spill at the WWTP.  One of the pumps did not have an automatic shut off feature, which lead to sludge, the waste matter at the plant, to overflow within the plant and into the parking lot.  We were able to contain the spill to the plant location.  Immediately following the spill, the Town contacted a company to come in and assist with clean-up and the disinfection process.  One of the construction companies on site assisted with the containment and clean-up of the sludge that spilled outside.  The Town’s insurance company has been working with us since the spill occurred.  They are actively reviewing every bill that we receive associated with the remediation of the spill and providing us with an ok, or they are actively investigating bills that are submitted.  The building has been disinfected, and is currently awaiting repair work to be completed prior to resuming construction.

At the May Town Board Meeting a number of resolutions relating to the remediation and construction were presented to the Town Board for consideration, they were not voted on.  These resolutions were all available at the pre-board meeting, which is held one week prior to the meeting.  A couple of my fellow Board members wanted more information.  I agree that everyone who is in the position to make decisions should have the ability to ask questions, however, I have serious concerns when these questions put a delay to the progress being made at the WWTP.  With hopes that the Special Meeting that Councilperson Matters promised Town residents would occur within a week happens soon, we will be able to move forward.

These resolutions included proposals from construction companies for the work needed to be completed as a result of the damage from the sludge spill.  This work must be completed before the construction companies will be able to proceed with the original contracted work – the WWTP upgrade.  Also on the agenda were a few resolutions pertaining to the need for extensions.  As a result of the spill and additional work added to the project by NYS, the companies have submitted a request for an additional 151 days to complete the project.  This will push the completion date back to November 25th. As it stands right now, the current contracts the Town has with the companies is June 27th.  It is imperative that the Town Board votes on these resolutions in a timely fashion.

A concern that many people have right now, is the smell that is coming from the WWTP.  There are two things driving the smell right now, the sludge spill remediation and the need to replace the clarifier drives.  The replacement of the drives would allow the clarifiers to operate at full capacity, reducing the foul odor that is coming from the plant currently.  There was also a resolution on the May agenda approving the drive replacement.  This would be pending further NYS EFC approval- as do all amendments to the contract.

As we begin to have more information regarding the spill remediation and construction progress I will continue to bring it to your attention.  As always, my doors are always open.

Be well.

Attention Parents of Campers- 1 week from today camp begins!  7/6/15 We are super excited. In the next few days we will be conducting our staff orientation and finalizing details. If you have not sent in your child's immunization forms they need to be to us by Friday 7/3/15 or your child cannot attend camp. This is a strict regulation from the health department. Within the next couple of days you should be receiving your parent handbook and bus routes in the mail. Please do not panic if your child's name is not on the bus route- you may have been a late registration and not on the original list. Give us a call and we will figure it out. Final Bus Routes will be posted online on Friday. After camp begins we have limited office staff. We will be back and forth between the office and camp. If you call the office be sure to leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. If you have an emergency and need to speak with one of us immediately please call the camp director the number is listed in the handbook. Thank you and we will see you all soon!!

 Another IMPORTANT CAMP UPDATE: Please send your child with insect repellent and/or sunscreen on them. WE are NOT allowed to put it on your child. It is a good idea up at camp to have it on. Also, any children signed up for Adventureland please bring a light colored long sleeve shirt with you and pants and sneakers. You will be in the trails and we want to be proactive with tick control. We do tick checks and teach the kids to do this as well. Thank You!
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Hampton Manor Water - Work Update
Due to three (3) water breaks and work to the water system in the Hampton Manor Water District in the recent weeks you may have experienced discolored water.  This may continue until we have the new water main installed on Hampton Ave.  The water is still safe to drink.

Thank you,
Tom Kennedy
Water Foreman
Councilpersons to meet with Engineers
Two Board members, Councilperson Matter and Councilperson DiMartino, will be meeting with representatives regarding the Waste Water Treatment Plant on Wednesday, May 27 at 3:00 pm in the Court Room at 225 Columbia Turnpike, to have their questions answered regarding the construction and sludge spill.

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