NEW! Final Draft NRI Maps and Report Now Available

The Final Drafts of the Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) maps and accompanying report are now available. Please follow this link to download the report. Please visit the new NRI webpage to view the maps as well as additional project information and materials.

Natural Resources Work Group

The Town of East Greenbush Natural Resources Work Group (NRWG) was convened in Spring, 2018, consisting of volunteers who reside in East Greenbush and have experience in land use, conservation, open space planning, civil engineering and historic preservation. This group is tasked with the creation of a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI). The purpose of the NRI is to identify and document naturally occurring resources located within the Town including geology and soils, water resources, and habitat as well as sites of cultural, historic, recreation, and scenic importance.

NRI project materials are now available from the Natural Resources Inventory webpage.

Please call the Planning and Zoning Department at 518-694-4011 or email the Natural Resources Work Group at with any comments or questions, or to learn more.

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