Natural Resources Work Group

The Town of East Greenbush Natural Resources Work Group (NRWG) was convened in Spring, 2018, consisting of volunteers who reside in East Greenbush and have experience in land use, conservation, open space planning, civil engineering and historic preservation. This group is tasked with the creation of a Natural Resources Inventory (NRI). The purpose of the NRI is to identify and document naturally occurring resources located within the Town including geology and soils, water resources, and habitat as well as sites of cultural, historic, recreation, and scenic importance.

Town of East Greenbush Natural Resources Inventory Project

East Greenbush is the most populous township in Rensselaer County and maintains a high quality of living that continues to attract residents and businesses. Preservation of the Town's fresh water, parks, and scenic spaces is essential to ensure continued prosperity and responsible growth. The NRWG was convened to create an inventory that will help identify, plan for and protect these assets. As part of this initiative, East Greenbush has been awarded technical assistance and mapping support services from the Hudson River Estuary Program of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation … at no cost to the Town.

The NRI will be comprised of a series of maps as well as an accompanying report with narrative descriptions, supporting data tables, and recommendations. The NRWG is undertaking this task concurrent to the Town's preparation of a 2018 Comprehensive Plan and Integrated Land Use Planning Update. The inventory will serve as an essential tool for East Greenbush's Planning and Zoning, Building and Codes, and Public Works Departments by officially identifying sensitive land, water and cultural/historical resources. It will furthermore offer guidance for the Town’s Planning and Zoning Boards, laying a foundation for environmental conservation planning and decision-making, zoning considerations and municipal policy guidance. In addition, the NRI will provide property owners, developers and their consultants with information they may need in considering the impact their project may have on East Greenbush’s natural resources, help to address natural resources during project planning and design, and to help expedite review and approval of their endeavors.

Throughout the NRI process, NRWG will seek public input and make all pertinent material available online. Calls for public involvement will be issued through this website as well as notices in The Advertiser, social media, and other means of communication with residents.

The Town of East Greenbush Natural Resources Inventory project is made possible with technical assistance from Cornell University and, with funding from the NYS Environmental Protection Fund through he NYC DEC Hudson River Estuary Program.

More information, including calls for public involvement, coming soon.


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