Important details for October 30, 2021 HHW Event Attendees

You will receive an email from your municipality with your assigned timeslot.

Due to COVID and Hazardous Waste safety protocols, please arrive during your assigned time slot, so that we can safely space out traffic at the site. If you are absolutely unable to arrive during your assigned time slot, please arrive as close to that time slot as possible (but in any case you must arrive between 8 AM and 1:45 PM)

Masks: As per CDC and State guidelines, if you are unvaccinated (or if it makes you more comfortable), please wear a mask.

Directions: Troy Resource Management Facility (aka the Alamo) at the corner of East Industrial Parkway and Main Street in Troy, NY, 12180. Please follow this link to obtain driving directions. 


  • There is a limit of 30 gallons or 200 lbs of waste per participating household
  • Double check the waste items you plan to bring with the list of accepted and prohibited materials. Please follow this link to view or download the list.
  • Place your waste/items in your trunk or hatchback
  • STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE AT ALL TIMES during the event. Event staff will unload your waste directly from your vehicle
  • There will be NO pour offs. Please be prepared to drop off and leave behind any container with liquid (such as gas cans).
  • NO ELECTRONICS will be accepted at this event, it is only for household hazardous waste  Please contact your municipality for further information.
  • NO MOTOR OIL will be accepted at this event (oil can be recycled year round at service stations). See the DEC website for more information:

Please show up! Please be aware that attendance is limited; if you register but don’t attend, you are limiting opportunities for others.


Welcome to the Inter-municipal Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection program! This page has important information, including:

  • Required online pre-registration,
  • List of accepted materials, and
  • Benefits of safe HHW disposal. 

HHW collection events: Your best “BET” for safe HHW disposal! As our acronym suggests, the participating municipalities include the Town of Bethlehem, Town of East Greenbush, and City of Troy.

Click here to view the program flyer.

Who can participate?

The events are FREE to a limited number of residents of each participating municipality. Pre-registration is required - please see the “How do I sign up?" section, below.

What materials do you accept, and how much does it cost?

At HHW collection events, a variety of materials that residents cannot safely dispose of by regular household collection and disposal methods are accepted. These include paint-related materials, pesticides, fertilizers, flammable liquids, and MANY other hazardous substances. Please click this link to view a complete list of accepted materials.  There is NO CHARGE to residents complying with maximum weights listed below.

When and where are the HHW collection events offered?

The 2021 Inter-municipal HHW Collection Events schedule is below. All events will be held from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. 

Why are these events offered, and why should I participate?

Improper disposal of HHW materials can pose health and safety risks to people and property involved. In addition, improper disposal can create significant environmental hazards when HHW materials are outdoors, in waterways, or in storm sewer drainage systems. To learn more about how participating municipalities are addressing water quality and storm sewer drainage, please follow the links below:

By attending an HHW collection event, you will be able to, without additional charge and up to a certain quantity, safely and properly dispose of accepted HHW materials in an environmentally sound and responsible manner, giving you an opportunity to eliminate hazardous waste from your home and help reduce health, safety, and environmental risks.

How do I sign up?

The Inter-municipal HHW Collection Events use the online registration platform, RecDesk, currently provided by the Town of East Greenbush. 

To register for an event, you must have a RecDesk account. If you do not have a RecDesk account, click here to create a RecDesk account. Click here for account creation help. ONCE YOU HAVE CREATED AN ACCOUNT, follow the registration instructions for your municipality. Please follow the RecDesk registration link found below of the municipality you live in to visit the RecDesk registration page.

RecDesk Registration Links to Register for the October 30, 2021 event to be hosted by the City of Troy at the Troy Resource Management Facility (aka: Alamo), at the corner of East Industrial Parkway and Main Street, Troy, NY, 12180:

Please note the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS:

  • You must be a resident of a participating municipality and provide proof of residency acceptable to your municipality. 
  • You may bring accepted materials in an amount not to exceed 30 gallons OR 200 lbs. per registered participant. There will be NO CHARGE for attendees adhering to these quantities. Attendees with items in excess of these maximums will need to schedule an appointment in advance with the HHW vendor and will be charged for this service.

For registration questions, please call or email your municipal contact listed in the BEThhw Program Contacts section below.

Waitlisted Registration Information and Instructions

For those who’ve previously registered, have been placed on the waitlist, but have been moved from the waitlist and offered a spot to attend the event, you will now need to complete the online registration form. This is accomplished by signing in to the RecDesk system and then accessing the event form for your municipality. Please click here to view a tutorial with instructions to complete the online registration form if you’ve been registered off of the waitlist.

Completing Registration from the Waitlist Tutorial

“BEThhw” Program Contacts

For registration questions, or if you would like general program information or have additional questions, please call or email the person representing your municipality:

  • Town of Bethlehem:          Dan Rain: 518-439-4955 ext. 1510 or
  • Town of East Greenbush: Adam Yagelski 518-694-4011 or
  • City of Troy:                        Renee Panetta 518-279-7171 or