Comprehensive Plan Update

The Town is in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan, which is a document that will provide a vision for the future and a blueprint for how to get there. Please visit the Comprehensive Plan Update webpage for more information.

Modified Plan Update Documents Now Available

As part of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan update effort, and in support of the April 14, 2021 public hearing, the April 2021 modified plan update is now available. Please follow this link to view the document and appendices. Hard copies are available at the Town Clerk’s Office and the East Greenbush Community Library. Please visit the Comprehensive Plan Update webpage for more information.

The Planning and Zoning Department is available to residents and businesses to offer them assistance or direct them to the proper resources they need regarding any residential or commercial planning or zoning related issues.

View available document downloads for the Planning and Zoning Department:

Natural Resources Inventory

Visit the Natural Resources Inventory webpage to view the final report, maps, and access related resources. 

Stormwater Information and Resources

Residents, project sponsors, and contractors can visit the Town's Stormwater homepage for more information about the Town's stormwater management program.

Land Development Applications Under Review

Project documents and other information relating to applications for land development projects which are under review can be viewed on the Land Development Applications page.

Complete Streets

Residents, project sponsors, and stakeholders can visit the Town's Complete Streets homepage for more information about the Town's Complete Streets program.

Contact Information

COVID-19 Update: Town Hall is currently closed but Planning and Zoning Department (PZD) staff are maintaining office hours remotely. For general PZD inquiries, the best way to reach us is to email You may also call the office at 518-694-4011 and leave a voicemail. PZD will make every effort to answer your message within one business day, or as soon as possible. And if you need general Town information call 518-477-2005 during business hours, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. If you are dropping off application forms or related materials, please put all paperwork in a sealed envelope, mark the envelop “Attn: Planning and Zoning Dept.,” and place in the green drop box in front of Town Hall. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We regret any inconvenience during this time and appreciate your understanding and patience. 

Adam Yagelski - Director of Planning and Zoning

Alison Lovely - Secretary

East Greenbush Town Hall
225 Columbia Turnpike
Rensselaer, NY 12144

tel. (518) 694-4011
fax (518) 477-2386

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Zoning of my property?

This information can be found by obtaining your Tax Map number from the Assessor’s Office and then contacting us to determine that.

What are the permitted uses for my property?

This information can be obtained by looking in the Town's Comprehensive Zoning Law and looking up the Section in which your property is zoned as.

What are the setbacks for my property?

Once you know what your property is zoning as, this information can be found on that appropriate page in the Town's Comprehensive Zoning Law

How long do Planning Board and Zoning Board applications take to process?

The Planning Board process can take anywhere from 45-60 days or longer depending on the size of your proposal. The Zoning Board process for minor Area Variances takes between 45-60 days; it is usually longer for a Use Variance or Special Use Permit.

I received a certified letter in the mail about a neighbor’s property. What does it mean?

All applications through the Zoning Board of Appeals of Planning Board (for major subdivisions - 4 or more lots) require the surrounding properties within 200 feet to be notified of their proposed action. You can write a letter or email (no verbal comments are accepted over the phone) or you can come to the scheduled public hearing to ask any questions you may have regarding the application. The notice you have received give details about the applicant's request and allows surrounding property owners an opportunity to comment for or against the application at or prior to the Public Hearing. You can call the Planning/Zoning Office at 694-4011 to inquire.