As a regulated MS4, the Town implements a stormwater management program to attempt to reduce the discharge of pollutants and is required to report annually to NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation. The ultimate goal of the Town’s program is to protect water resources and satisfy the water quality requirements of the Environmental Conservation Law and Clean Water Act. Copies of annual reports can be obtained below.

Public Hearing Notices and Draft Reports

The MS4 reporting period ends on March 9th each year. Draft reports and public hearing notices will be published here after March 9th and when available for information and public comment prior to submission to NYSDEC.

Prior Year Reports

MS-4 Report 2022-2023

MS-4 Report 2021-2022

MS-4 Report 2020-2021

MS-4 Report 2019-2020

MS-4 Report 2018-2019

MS-4 Report 2017-2018

MS-4 Report 2016-2017

MS-4 Report 2013

MS-4 Report 2011

MS-4 Report 2010