The Department of Public Works is comprised of four main divisions: highway, water, sanitation and parks. It’s dedicated work force operates and maintains the town’s 73.98 miles of highways, four sewer districts, two water districts, a solid waste facility, town buildings, and town parks (including Hampton Manor Lake)

Snow Emergencies: Whenever a snow emergency is declared, parking is prohibited on any public road. As a general rule of thumb, do not park on a public road when a weather forecast calls for 4 inches of snow or more.

Hydrant Flushing: Town Hydrants are flushed during the latter parts of April and October. For a schedule of a particular area to be flushed, dates will be published in the local newspapers. For more information, call: 477-9367, or the Department for Public Works at 477-6103.

Thank you,

Dan Fiacco
Commissioner of Public Works


Dan Fiacco
Commissioner of Public Works
Phone: 477-6103
Fax: 477-5021

For emergencies during NON business hours, call the town Police at 479-1212.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Town own and maintain all streets in East Greenbush?

No, some roads are still privately owned.

If my property is damaged by the Town, who do I call?

Call the DPW @ 477-6103 and a work order will be written. Once the work order is written, it is given the appropriate department foreman. A list of repairs and requests then becomes generated and assigned to the DPW employees to complete.

The snow plow did some damage to my yard, who do I call?

Call the DPW @ 477-6103 and a work order will be written.

The snow plow hit my mailbox. What do I do?

Call the DPW @ 477-6103 and a work order will be written.

Who is responsible for the snow removal on sidewalks?

Sidewalks are the responsibility of the Owner. As a courtesy, the Town does certain section of Columbia Turnpike.

Does the Town have a dump site for grass clippings, leaves or branches?

Yes, the Transfer Station can take all those items. These items should be in 4’ tied bundles or biodegradable leaf bags. A permit is REQUIRED.

Does the Town pick up brush/yard trimmings placed at the curb?

Yes, we only do so in the spring and fall. Specific dates are posted on the town website under Transfer Station tab and in the Advertiser. All other lawn debris is the responsibility of the owner.

Christmas Trees 2021: 1/4-1/15
​​​​​​​Fall Cleanup 2021: TBD
Amnesty Week 2021: TBD - Dates will be posted on the News Page and in the Advertiser.

I have a drainage problem on my property, who should I contact first?

Call the DPW @ 477-6103. The DPW will assess the issue to determine who is reponsible for the repair.

Can I empty sump pump discharge into the sanitary sewer?

No discharging of sump pumps is permitted into the sanitary sewer.

I have a question about my water and sewer bill, who should I call?

Call the Water and Sewer Department at 477-9367.

Is my home connected to the Town’s sewer?

Not all homes are connected. Please contact the Water and Sewer Department @ 477-9367

How can I find out what the water and sewer rates are?

Call the Water and Sewer Department @ 477-9367 or Water & Sewer Rates.

I would like to know how much it is to connect to water and sewer.

Call the Water and Sewer Department @ 477-9367 or Water & Sewer Fee Schedule.

What is the schedule for flushing the hydrants?

The hydrant flushing schedule will be posted on the website and in the Advertiser prior to flushing taking place.

Click here to view schedule.

Who do I call if I have a sanitary sewer backup or a storm sewer problem?

Call the DPW @ 477-6103. Upon assessing the problem, if the block is from the connection to your home, it will be your responsibility and you will have to contact a plumber.

The streetlight is out in front of my house. What do I do?

Prior to calling anyone regarding streetlights or pole issues, please make sure that you have the pole location (street address that its closest to), pole number, and if you can tell what company maintains the pole (is it a National Grid pole or phone company?)

You can call National Grid Directly at 1-800-642-4272 or you can call the non-emergency number for the Police Department 479-2525, again please make sure you have the above information prior to calling.

Who do I talk to about traffic light issues?

The EGPD @ 479-2525.

What, if any, are the upcoming construction projects?

The Town Clerk will have information regarding Large Construction/Project Bids, for information related to that, please call 477-7145.

Questions related to new construction projects, building updates/upgrades please contact the Building Department at 477-6225.

Why are there little flags in my yard?

They mark out utilities for excavation purposes done by the utility companies. Always call before you dig – Dig Safety at 811.

What are the Transfer Station hours of operation?



THURSDAY 8:30 A.M. – 6:55 P.M.

SATURDAY 8:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.


How do I get rid of my old refrigerator and other appliances?

The Transfer Station accepts appliances for a fee if $19.00. See additional fees under the Transfer Station tab.

Additional Transfer Station information

Where do I call for the park information and rental?

Call the Department of Community and Recreation 477-4194

What are the park hours?

Park hours are 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

What is the cost to rent a pavilion?

Call the Department of Community and Recreation at 477-4194.

For more information call the DPW at 477-6103