The Highway Department is responsible for maintaining roads throughout the Town. From plowing and salting in the Winter months to filling pot holes and paving roads in the warmer months.  The Town maintains about 83 miles of road throughout East Greenbush.  

Throughout Town there are also a number of County Roads and State Roads. 

Issues on County Roads should be brought to the attention of Rensselaer County Highway Department.  Their contact information is 518-283-0973 or dispatch: 518-283-0975.  
County Roads:

Road Name Route Number
Best Luther Road  County Route 53
Old Best Road  County Route 53
Best Road  County Route 55
Brookview Road  County Route 5
Elliot Road  County Route 56
Hampton Avenue  County Route 60
Hays Road  County Route 58
Miller Road  County Route 54
Old Red Mill Road  County Route 63
Phillips Road  County Route 57
Sherwood Avenue  County Route 59


Issues on State Roads should be brought to the attention of  NYS DOT Rensselaer County Residentcy.  Their contact information is 518-286-2300.  
State Roads:

Road Name Route Number
Barracks Road  NYS Route 151
Columbia Turnpike NYS Route 9 & 20
Luther Road  NYS Route 151
Red Mill Road  NYS Route 151
River Road  NYS Route 9J
Third Avenue Extension NYS Route 43
Troy Road  NYS Route 4


The East Greenbush Highway Department is here to help, please don't hesitate to reach out to us so we can help get problems addressed!