2022 Tentative Paving Schedule

The schedule below is tentative and subject to change due weather or other conflicts. Signs will be posted at least 24 hours prior to road work commencing advising residents not to pave on the road during the process.  Nixle alerts may be sent advising of upcoming roads to be worked on.

2022 Paving Schedule
Date  Process Streets
8/17 Mill Highland Drive 
Elmwood Drive 
Fairview Terrace
8/18 Pave  Highland Drive 
Elmwood Drive 
Fairview Terrace
8/23 Mill Englewood Drive 
Old Troy Road* 
Onderdonk Drive 
8/26 Mill Ridge Road 
8/29 Pave  Ridge Road 
8/30 Mill Oriel Lane
Vermont Avenue
Connecticut Avenue*
8/31 Pave  Oriel Lane 
Vermont Avenue
Connecticut Avenue*
9/2 Mill  Bruen Court 
Chestnut Court
View Street
9/6 Pave Bruen Court 
Chestnut Court
View Street

*Paving of these streets is contingent upon other work being completed in time.  Old Troy Road - work contingent upon bridge repair work by contractor.  Connecticut Avenue - paving contingent upon water line installation project.

Water Line Installation

The Water Department is preparing to have two water lines installed.  The first on Connecticut Avenue and the second on Hillview Avenue.  This project includes a company that will come in and directional bore the water line.  Our Water Department will be present during the process to ensure that the current infrastructure isn't affected during this phase.  The new line will need to settle/adjust for about 1-2 weeks prior to the next step being completed.  After the line has settled, the Water Department will go in and make the lateral connections.  During this project, while the Water Department is actively working on either Connecticut Avenue or Hillview Avenue residents may experience temporary loss of pressure or water being off.  We will provide updates as to any long term losses of pressure or water.  

Work on Connecticut Avenue may begin as early as Tuesday, August 15th.  The Water Department will notify residents with a letter as work begins.

Current and Updated Information on Public Works Projects throughout the Town of East Greenbush.  

Tempel Lane Extension Project

Tempel Lane Extension : Improvements on 3rd Avenue Extension will be made to an approximately 1600 linear feet extending east and west from the new intersection with Tempel Lane Extension. These include ancillary work including drainage, grading, guiderail and utilities.

Road Construction will begin at the beginning of August 2022 and will continue through August 2023.  At this time, it is projected that most of the Third Avenue Extension road work wll take place early 2023.  We will continue to provide updates on this project as it enters each phase.

For questions and comments on this project please email: tempellaneextension@eastgreenbush.org

2022 Completed Projects:

  • 9&20 Sidewalks - Bruen Ct to Rensselaer City Line
  • Morner Road Culvert Replacement 
  • Mannix Road Culvert Replacement



Current and Updated Information for NYSDOT Construction Projects throughout the Town of East Greenbush

  • I-90 at US 4 (Exit 9) Ramp Intersection Safety Enhancements

  • US 4 at Glaz Street/Hampton Inn and Suites Intersection Improvements

  • Couse Corners Roundabout 

  • Route 9J - into Castleton