From the Desk of Jack Conway - East Greenbush Town Supervisor

Supervisor’s Report – March 31, 2017

We are pleased to report that the first independent audit of Town finances in many years is now complete. Please check our website for a copy of the audit. Speaking of websites, we’re now live with our new website. Our previous website was stationed on an obsolete platform and had been compromised so we had to rush the new one into production.

It’s still a work in progress so please take a look and send us any comments or suggestions you may have. All comments should be sent to

We’re issuing a Request for Proposals for an engineering and financial analysis of the Hampton Manor water system. We have had significant problems with the system recently, including receiving a report that the larger tank on Hudson Avenue must be replaced. The second tank requires substantial rehabilitation and one of the motors that pumps water from the wells keeps malfunctioning. After last year’s community meetings with residents of the Manor we had hoped to be farther along in deciding the fate of the current system but these developments have complicated matters. As soon as we have the results of the new study we’ll call a meeting with Manor residents. The need for major infrastructure work will make it more expensive to stay with Hampton Manor water. The decision to stay with the current system or switch to Troy water will be made by the Town Board in consultation with Manor residents.

Our plans to upgrade facilities at the Town Park are moving ahead. We will be moving the dog park, and installing a new ADA-compliant restroom this summer. We’re researching the options of building a Splash Pad and redesigning and refurnishing the playground. The Splash Pad requires a lot of preparation work and we will get that started this summer. The goal is to have a functioning water feature in the Town Park by the opening of our Summer Camp program in 2018.

Thanks to our Public Works crews for their great work during the March blizzard! Commissioner Scott Gallerie and Highway Foreman Ricky Williams organized our response and the crews distinguished themselves with their efforts. Thanks to EGPD as well for keeping everyone safe during the storm.