From the Desk of Jack Conway - East Greenbush Town Supervisor

Supervisor’s Report – April 23, 2019

As the last vestiges of winter recede we’re looking forward to an exciting Spring and Summer ! For the Town that means resuming the major push to improve the Town Park that began with the construction of the Red Barn. In the next two months, lights will be installed and the parking lot paved. In addition, the Town Board approved the purchase, installation and surfacing of a new playground for the Town Park as well as funding to pave Town Park Road from the entrance of the Park to the circle. The Town Park is a beautiful setting for recreational activities. With significant improvements in the park and the coming Albany-Hudson Electric Trail, the recreational landscape of the Town is changing in exciting ways.

The Town Board passed a resolution opposing National Grid’s Pipeline E37 Reliability and Resiliency Project, which will follow a route of more than four miles under the Town of East Greenbush. National Grid conceded that there was no direct immediate benefit to the Town, and the Town Board felt that the risks associated with a natural gas pipeline outweighed any potential advantages down the line. We also made a point of protesting the used of fracked gas in the pipeline and wondered why National Grid continues to make 50-year commitments to fossil fuels at a time when the search for alternative sources of energy must take precedence.

We approved the paving list for 2019. Our Department of Public Works has inventoried and rated every road in Town; our paving strategy is to start with the roads that need the most attention. The following roads will be paved this year: Carvill Lane, Delehunt Drive, Elliot Avenue, Fieldcrest Drive, Foxwood Circle, Glaz Street, Hartfield Court, Hemlock Lane, Huntswood Drive, Jodon Drive, Johnny Circle, Kristen Court, Marble Road, Mill Run, New Road, Patroon Lane, Pineview Lane, Tamarack Lane, Town Park Road, and Tyler Drive. Several different techniques will be used to improve these roads. I wish we could do more but the need for paving greatly exceeds the resources available to meet that need.