From the Desk of Jack Conway - East Greenbush Town Supervisor

Supervisor’s Report – February 27, 2020

            The situation at the Dunn Landfill in the City of Rensselaer continues to plague many Town residents as they endure odors, dust and debris from this inadequately regulated facility.  The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has begun to initiate new measures to control the problems but there is no excuse for the quality of life deficiencies suffered by our residents.  More frustrating is that the Dunn Landfill is outside the jurisdiction of our Town Board.  We receive no revenue and no benefit, and we have no official say over what happens at the site.  We have not been silent as all five members of our Town Board have attended meetings and press conferences designed to put pressure on DEC to fix the problems. Now we’re going to take the next step and hold a Public Hearing so that our residents can express their concerns and share potential solutions.  The details of the Public Hearing are as follows:

                                    Public Hearing on Dunn Landfill
                                    Wednesday, March 11, 2020
                                    6:00 p.m.
                                    Town Hall, 225 Columbia Turnpike in the Town of East Greenbush

            Copies are now available of my 2019 annual report to the residents of the Town of East Greenbush.  This is the fourth in a series of annual reports I’ve written to keep a campaign promise to work in a transparent manner and report all Town government activities to the people who pay for them.  Copies of the report are available on the Town website, , or at the Town Clerk’s office in Town Hall. As a summary statement, 2019 was another successful year for our Town government.  Our finances are robust, we’re making significant progress with infrastructure projects, we have made a number of great appointments, including our new Chief of Police, and Town operations are running smoothly and on time. The dedication and skill of Board members Tina Tierney, Hollie Kennedy, Rick Matters and Bridget Fritz continues to bear fruit as we move into 2020 with high hopes and great expectations.