This office prepares all water and sewer bills for customers in the General and Hampton Manor Water Districts and the General, Couse and Third Avenue Sewer Districts. In addition, this office is a central location for all issues relating to water and sewer services, i.e. permit issuance, scheduling appointments for water & sewer line inspections, meter & radio installation and repair appointments, and emergency calls during regular business hours.

If you have any questions or need any additional information during normal business hours (between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm), please call our Water & Sewer Office at 477-9367.

For Water or Sewer Emergency Calls during NON business hours or holidays: Please call the Town Police Dispatcher at 479-1212, and they will initiate a call out to your location.

Billing Schedule:

General Water District: Bills mailed out on or about Nov 1st, Feb 1st, May 1st and Aug 1st (Billed on a 3 month usage period)

Hampton Manor Water District: Bills mailed out on or about Jan 1st and July 1st (Billed on a 6 month usage period)

View the Resource Document Download File: Current Water/2016 Increased Sewer Rates


Payments for Water/Sewer Bills are received by:

Toni Murphy, Receiver of Taxes
East Greenbush Town Hall
PO Box 309
East Greenbush, NY 12061

Please include the bottom portion of your bill with payment and include your Customer # on your check. Payments may also be made in person with cash or check at the Receiver of Taxes Office. The Receiver of Taxes does not receive payments by phone or with a credit card. Bills are due within 30 days of the Bill Date.

Delinquent Water/Sewer Bills:

A 1 time 10% Penalty per billing is applied if paid after the Due Date.

Please Note: ALL ACCOUNT BALANCES STAY WITH THE PROPERTY. Any unpaid Water/Sewer Account Balance not paid by September 30th of each year will be relevied to the January Property Tax Bill. This will show up on the Property Tax Bill as “Return Water” / “Return Sewer”.

Customer Responsibilities:

The property owner, as the customer, is responsible for notifying the Water & Sewer Department of any changes in your Account Status. If you are planning to move, please contact our office within five (5) business day of your planned move.

If you have a question regarding your bill, you must contact our office with your billing questions at least fifteen (15) days before the DUE DATE on your bill so that any billing changes can be made before a penalty is assessed.

If our Water Department is not getting a proper reading from our Radio Meter Reading Device or if it appears that the Meter Reading is “stuck” we will send a repair notice with your bill. You must contact our office so that we can set up an appointment with our Water Department to make any necessary inside repairs to your meter and get an accurate reading.

Hydrant Flushing:

Every spring and fall the town flushes the water mains to remove sediment build up. Schedules of this flushing are on the Town’s Website and printed in The Advertiser. Please watch for these notices so you can be prepared at your home or business for the temporary service interruptions that may occur. Town hydrants are flushed during the latter parts of April and October. For more information please call our Water & Sewer Office at 477-9367 or the Department for Public Works at 477-6103.
View Resource: Hydrant Flushing Schedule

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Thank you for your cooperation.


Town of East Greenbush
Water & Sewer Department

225 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY 12144

Stacey Crain: scrain@eastgreenbush.org

or Colleen Lallier: clallier@eastgreenbush.org

Phone: (518) 477-9367 (Ext. 209/210)

Fax: (518) 689-2479