Frequently Asked Water/Sewer Billing Questions

For Water & Sewer Usage Rates please see General Water&Sewer District Rates or Hampton Manor Water & Sewer Rates

Who do I contact if I have a question about my Water/Sewer Account or the bill I just received?

Feel free to contact our Water & Sewer Billing Office at (518) 477-9367. We will be happy to answer questions and provide information to residents as they need it.

How often do I receive a Bill?

General Water Customers are billed quarterly for a three (3) month usage period (mailed out on or about Feb. 1st, May 1st, August 1st and Nov. 1st)

Hampton Manor Water Customers are billed semi-annually for a 6 month usage period (mailed out on or about January 1st and July 1st)

What is the penalty for a late payment?

A one (1) time 10% finance charge per billing is applied to late payments. Bills have a due date thirty (30) days from the date of issue. Payments are received by the Receiver of Taxes Office. Late payments postmarked by the due date on the return envelope will be received without penalty.

Who do I make my check for my bill out to?

Checks should be made out to “The Town of East Greenbush”.

  • Please include in the memo line on your check your CUSTOMER # (NOT the Bill #). The customer # for the service address will never change (new bill #’s are assigned for each billing period).

Do you accept payment for my water/sewer bill with a credit card or over the phone?

No. We are currently not set up to accept credit card payments of any kind, including payments over the phone.
Bills can either be paid in person at the Receiver of Taxes Window at Town Hall with cash or check or by mail with a check.

Mail check payments back with the bottom portion of your bill to:

East Greenbush Town Hall
Receiver of Taxes
PO Box 309
East Greenbush, NY 12061

Can my water be shut off for non-payment of a bill?

Our policy is that WE DO NOT SHUT OFF WATER at a property (unless our Department of Public Works receives an emergency call out for a shut off).

If requested to have the water shut off for a long period of time (vacant, winterization, etc.) our Billing Office would need to be notified by the property or representative and a “Termination of Water Service Agreement” supplied from our office is completed. Our office would then set up an appointment for our Water Department to meet the Homeowner or Representative at the property to shut off the water at the curb and take out the meter (if applicable). Our office would then send a final bill for any remaining usage on the meter to the billing address information supplied on the “Termination of Service Agreement” and then billing would cease until a request through our office to have the water service turned back on is made.

Why is my bill the same amount as my neighbors?

Metered Customers are billed a minimum usage charge for any amount of water usage within that minimum range of usage
(* Single Family Residence General Water District Customer/3 month minimum usage allowance is between 0 and 1400 cu. ft. (approx. 10,500 gal)). Even if you have not used any water during a billing period (ex. the house being vacant) you will still receive a minimum usage charge. The only way you will not receive a bill is if we have a “Termination of Service Agreement” signed by the property owner or a representative on file.
*(Single Family Residence Hampton Manor Water District Customers are billed flat non-metered 6 month usage rate.)

Why is my bill so high?

Individual consumers use water differently. Our office has record of a property’s consumption history. It is very common to see a spike in water consumption once the cold weather months are over (Lawn sprinklers, pool fillings, car washes, etc.). If your usage seems higher than normal usage history you could have a leak. Very often it has been discovered that customers have undetected leaks in their lawn sprinkler line. There is a pressure test that the sprinkler company can do to determine if this is the case. Most common however, are leaks coming from 1 or more of their toilets.

For further information SEE: How to check for a water leak

Here are some average water usage figures to help estimate your possible usage:

  • Laundry: 20 to 45 Gals. Per Load
  • Shower: 20to 30 Gals. Per Load
  • Tub Bath: 30 to 40 Gals. Per Bath
  • Toilet: 3.5 to 7 gals. Per Flush
  • Drinking Water: 1 to 2 Qt. Per Day, Per Person
  • Garbage Disposal: 5 Gals. Per Minute of Use
  • Car Washing: 5 Gals. Per Minute of Use
  • Lawn Watering: 7 to 43 Gals. Per 100 Sq. Ft

(Please Note: In order for our billing department to have ample time to go over readings and print, sort, stuff and meter stamp the bills, the “Usage Period” on metered customer bills is for billing consistency purposes only. Our DPW meter crew starts reading meters the first week of the month prior to the bill date (example: November 1st Bill Usage Period on Bill “Aug. 1st-October 31st / Actual Usage Period is between the reading dates of Early July and Early October).