Building Sewer Lateral Specifications


No connections are to be made to the Town’s system without a permit from the SEWER DEPARTMENT.

A sketch plan MUST be provided for all proposed connections. The sketch MUST detail the proposed connection and MUST be approved prior to the permit being issued. All work within the Town right-of-way MUST be covered by a Town Highway Permit and a cash bond as required by the COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC WORKS.

No part of the sewer lateral (line) shall be back filled or covered up prior to being inspected by the Town’s representative. Inspections must be scheduled 24 hours in advance during normal business hours, after hours inspections will be billed as an overtime call to the applicant. An “as-built” sketch must be given to the inspector when he arrives to inspect the work. It is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the sketch is supplied to the Town after the install is complete. Call 477-9367 to schedule an appointment.

  • A back water check valve is required to be installed and made accessible for cleaning.
  • All sewers shall have a clean out outside of the dwelling and every one hundred (100’) feet thereafter, and on every 90 degree bend.
  • No curb stop shall be placed in driveway (this is only for grinder pump applications).
  • No glue joints on underground and any type of installation.
  • Back fill materials should be approved by Town’s representative.
  • No sump pump discharges are to be connected to the sanitary sewer or discharged toward the roadway.

It is REQUIRED that a tracer wire be installed on all sewer laterals.This will simplify future locations.


A: Gravity (mains and laterals):

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) conforming to requirements of ASTM D3034, SDR 26, (6” PVC) with flexible joints employing a solid elastomeric push-on to match pipe line gasket fittings.

Ductile Iron (DIP) ANSI A21.51, Class 50, (4”) with push-on joints and single elongated/groves gasket. Fittings:m.d., ANSI A21.10, 350 PSI, cement lined.

B: Low Pressure Sewers:
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) ASTM D3034, 1 ½ “ – SDR 21, over 1 ½” – SDR 26 with integral bell and permanently installed gasket as per ASTM-F-477.Fittings:push-on (slip joint) with same pressure rating as pipe line.
C: Force Mains:
  • Ductile Iron (DIP) ANSI A21.51, Class 50, cement lined with fittings and mechanical joints.
D: Sewer Grinder Pumps:

  • Shall be owned, operated and maintained by the property owner.Pump shall be a semi-positive displacement type, capable of delivery 11 gpm at TDH of ninety-two (92’) feet.The pump must be installed in a corrosion-resistant tank suitable for sewage.The tank may be installed inside or out.The tank must have a minimum net capacity of 60 gallons and be designed for residential use.Duplex units with larger tank capacity may be required for commercial use.All pump units must be provided with auxiliary power supply connections.

Grinder pumps must be Environmental One, Hydromatic, or approved equal.

No glue joints on grinder pump installations.

E: Pipe Sizes and Slopes:


  1. Mains*:Minimum 8 inch diameter at a slope of 0.5%
  2. Laterals:6 inch diameter at a slope of 1/8” per foot.
  3. Low Pressure:Minimum 1 ½”, sized to maintain a minimum velocity of 2 feet/second.Minimum depth 4.5 feet to center line of pipe or can use polyethelyne rolled pipe.
  4. Force Mains:Minimum 3 inch and sized to maintain a minimum velocity of 3 feet/second.Minimum depth 4 feet to top of pipe, generally run to match road grades.High point may require air relief structures.

* If extension of an existing Town sewer is required.

F. Septic Tank Removal Requirements:

Building Permit Required.

The owner/applicant shall obtain a Building Permit from the Building Department to remove or abandon septic tanks. A septic tank shall be removed/abandon in compliance with the New York State Division of Building Standards and Codes, Health Department Standards and all applicable Federal, State and Local Laws. Septic tanks must be properly decommissioned to minimize potential health and safety hazards.

Rensselaer County Health Department and the Town of East Greenbush require that abandoned septic tanks be:
  1. Pumped out.
  2. Concrete tanks should have the cap dropped down and backfilled with clean bank-run gravel/sand and properly compacted, topped with soil, seed and mulch.
  3. Metal tanks should be removed, backfill the hole with clean fill and properly compacted, topped with soil, seed and mulch.
G. Discontinuation of Sanitary Sewer Lateral:

Contractor is to cap off sewer lateral @ property line in right of way or road, wherever the main is.

Cap off with water tight cap.Material used is to be compatible with existing material used in construction of lateral.

A stake needs to be painted green and installed where capped with location references from permanent markers, ex:manhole, telephone pole. This needs to be mapped and filed with the water/sewer billing office within 1 week of completion.

Updated 2/27/2018