Water and Sewer Permit Fee Schedule

Revised and Adopted per Resolution 235-2017

Permits are required for all New Connections and Repairs to water service lines and lateral sewer lines.
Any party performing work in connection with the installation or repair of a service line must have a copy of Liability and Workman’s Compensation Insurance on file in the Water & Sewer Office.

Type of Permit

What it Covers


Water Repair Permit Inspection of Repairs Only$50.00
New Connection, no tap neededInspection, Meter, Remote Reader $400.00
New Connection, tap up to 1"Tap, Inspection, Meter & Radio$1,500.00
If main is beyond center of road Additional charges determined by the Water Department ForemanVaries
New Connection, no tap 1"-2"Inspection only/meter provided by the owner$400.00
New Connection, over 2"Inspection and Initial Tie-in to main$600.00
Radio OnlyProvided by Town $150.00

Water meters greater than 1" are provided by the owner to Town specifications.
Property owners are responsible for the installation and repairs of the water service line from the curb box, located at the edge of the property, to the point of entry into the building.

Sewer Inspection Inspection of repairs only$50.00
Sewer Connection Fee Inspection of new installation (Including grinder pumps) $300.00

The property owner is responsible for the installation and repairs to the sewer lateral line to the sewer main. A Road Bond is required when pavement will be disturbed.

Road (Cash) Bond/InspectionIssued when a sewer, water, or utility cuts needs to be made into any
part of the roadway. ($2,400.00 returned after 1 year, if road repairs
are approved by the Commissioner of Public Works. $100.00 is the
non-refundable portion to cover inspection.)
Water Tanker Permit Filling tankers for Commercial/Residential Use (fill ups at highway garage)
Penalty for unauthorized use of system to be determined by the
Commissioner of Public Works
$75.00 Permit
$20/1000 gals
of water
Private Hydrant Testing &
Private Hydrant Inspection with written authorization$65/hydrant
Private Hydrant RepairWith signed contract Actual Cost: Time
& Materials Contract
Utility Permit (Highway)Electrical, Gas, Communications work in ROW $50.00 Permit
$1.00/ foot in ROW