Water Regulations/Guidelines

Service line Specifications

  • All service lines will be a minimum of 60 inches below the ground. No water line will be laid in a sewer or drain trench.
  • All service lines shall not be less than ¾ inch inside diameter and will be Type K soft-tempered copper tubing with only mechanical joints underground.
  • If over 100 feet: 1 inch minimum is required.
  • Services 2 inches in diameter or larger, cast-iron cement-lined class 150 pipe of quality equal to American Water Works Association or federal specifications and of weight suitable for service under a pressure equivalent to at least 150 psi is required.
The commissioner of public works reserves the right to stipulate the size and type of line to be used.

Connection Specifications/Rules

  • All tapping requires a permit.
  • Permits will be issued once a pre-sketch is approved and proof of insurance from the contractor is received.
  • No tapping will take place Nov 1-April 1, unless weather permits and permission is granted.
  • Curb stops will be placed at the easement or property line (not in sidewalks or driveways).
  • No outlet through which the water can be taken between the meter and the district’s main in the street will be permitted.
  • No red or white lead will be permitted to be used on joints between the meter and the main.
  • Stopcock will not be left open. Water is not allowed to run on the premises after making a new connection/extension/attachment with the street main.
  • Underground sprinkler systems may not be attached to the municipal supply.

Procedure to Cap Off Service

  • Contact billing office for final reading (477-9367). Meter crew will remove meter/radio from building. Contractor sets up an appointment to have crew witness the severing of each or both services.
  • Contractor digs back to main, shuts off water, disconnects copper from corporation. Water department requires a “tapping sketch”, showing measurements off telephone/light pole/man hole to where the cap is.
  • No Building Permits will be issued to demolish structure until this is complete.