Employee Title Email Phone Fax
Assessor's Office     518-477-9710 518-477-2386
Susan McCarthy Sole Assessor smccarthy@eastgreenbush.org    
Ellen Schwab Clerk eschwab@eastgreenbush.org    
Patrice Burek Data Collector pburek@eastgreenbush.org    
Building Department & Code Enforcement   egcodes@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-6225 518-477-2386
Kevin Hitchcock Building Inspector khitchcock@eastgreenbush.org    
Camerron Poli Code Official cpoli@eastgreenbush.org    
Kim Schultheis Clerk kschultheis@eastgreenbush.org    
Community and Recreation Department       518-477-2386
Lisa OBrien Recreation Supervisor  lobrien@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-4775  
Donna Millet  Clerk PT dmillet@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-4194  
George Phillips Town Comptroller   518-477-6461 518-477-2386
Court - Town Justice Offices     518-477-5412 518-477-6539
Honorable Kevin Engel Town Justice      
Honorable Jessica Mocerine Town Justice      
  Secretary to the Town Justice      
Stephanie Phillips Secretary to the Town Justice sphillips@eastgreenbush.org    
Laura Ingoldsby Court Clerk lingoldsby@eastgreenbush.org    
Department of Public Works        
Dan Fiacco
DPW Garage
Commissioner of Public Works dfiacco@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-6103 518-477-5021
Meaghan Hart 
DPW Garage 
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works  mhart@eastgreenbush.org  518-477-6103 518-477-5021

DPW Garage
Secretary to the Commission


518-477-6103 518-477-5021

Water Billing
Clerk   518-477-9367 518-477-2386
Amanda Hanks
Sewer Billing
Clerk ahanks@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-9367 518-477-2386

Waste Water Treatment Plant
Sewer Foreman   518-465-0172 518-462-3243
Transfer Station     518-477-7012  
Finance Department        
Colleen Lallier Director of Finance clallier@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-5842 518-477-2386
Kate Knight Human Resources Manager kknight@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-2127 518-477-2386
Mary Hendrick Purchasing Clerk mhendrick@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-7788 518-477-2386
Bobbie Reno Town Historian rreno@eastgreenbush.org 518-477-4869 518-477-2386
Planning & Zoning Department        
Josh Giller Director of Planning jgiller@eastgreenbush.org 518-694-4011 518-477-2386
Dan Rodriquez Planner drodriquez@eastgreenbush.org    
Alison Lovely Secretary alovely@eastgreenbush.org    
Matt Mastin Planning Board Chair planningchair@eastgreenbush.org    
Jeff Pangburn Zoning Board of Appeals Chair zoningchair@eastgreenbush.org    
Police Department        
Emergency CALL 9-1-1   518-479-1212  
Non-Emergency     518-479-2525 518-479-4527
Receiver of Taxes     518-477-4810 518-477-1300
Toni Murphy Receiver of Taxes tmurphy@eastgreenbush.org    
Kate Bennett Clerk PT      
Town Supervisor     518-477-4775 518-477-2386
Jack Conway Town Supervisor jconway@eastgreenbush.org    
Lisa O'Brien Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor lobrien@eastgreenbush.org    
Town Board        
Jim McHugh Town Board Member jmchugh@eastgreenbush.org    
Hollie Kennedy Town Board Member hkennedy@eastgreenbush.org    
Ed Nestler Town Board Member enestler@eastgreenbush.org    
Rick Mattes Town Board Member rmatters@eastgreenbush.org    
Town Clerk     518-477-7145 518-477-4508
Ellen Pangburn Town Clerk epangburn@eastgreenbush.org    
Michelle Eckler Deputy Town Clerk meckler@eastgreenbush.org