Employee Title Email Phone Fax

Assessor's Office

518-477-9710 518-689-2495
Susan McCarthy Sole Assessor

Ellen Schwab Clerk PT

Patrice Burek Data Collector

Building Department & Code Enforcement 518-477-6225 518-477-2386
Kevin Hitchcock Building Inspector

Asst Building Inspector

Kim Schultheis Clerk

Community and Recreation Department

518-477-4194 518-477-2386
Jessica Lansing Town Services Coordinator


George Phillips Town Comptroller 518-477-6461 518-477-2386
Mary Hendrick Accounts Payable Clerk 518-477-4775 518-477-2386

Court - Town Justice Offices

518-477-5412 518-477-6539
Honorable George Hoffman Town Justice

Honorable Kevin Engel Town Justice

Eileen Donahue Secretary to the Town Justice

Stephanie Phillips Secretary to the Town Justice

Laura Ingoldsby Court Clerk

Department of Public Works

Dan Fiacco
DPW Garage
Commissioner of Public 518-477-6103 518-477-5021
Scott Gallerie
DPW Garage
Deputy Commissioner of Public Works 518-477-6103 518-477-5021
Nanci Hicks
DPW Garage
DPW Secretary 518-477-6103 518-477-5021
Colleen Lallier
Water Billing
Clerk 518-477-9367 518-689-2479
Stacey Crain
Sewer Billing
Clerk 518-477-9367 518-689-2479
George Lovely
Waste Water Treatment Plant
Sewer Foreman 518-465-0172 518-462-3243
Transfer Station


Finance Department

Meaghan Hart Director of Finance 518-477-5842 518-477-2386
Lisa Borst Human Resources Manager 518-477-2127 518-477-2386
Lori Taylor Bookkeeper 518-477-2127 518-477-2386

518-477-5842 518-477-2386


Bobbie Reno Town Historian 518-477-4869 518-477-2386

Planning & Zoning Department

518-694-4011 518-477-2386
Adam Yagelski Director of Planning
Alison Lovely Secretary

Matt Mastin Planning Board Chair

Jeff Pangburn Zoning Board of Appeals Chair

Police Department

Emergency CALL 9-1-1

518-479-2525 518-479-4527

Receiver of Taxes

518-477-4810 518-477-1300
Toni Murphy Receiver of Taxes

Kate Bennett Clerk PT

Deb Boyd Clerk PT

Linda Natale Clerk PT

Town Supervisor

518-477-4775 518-477-2386
Jack Conway Town Supervisor

Lisa O'Brien Administrative Assistant to the Supervisor

Town Board

Tina Tierney Town Board Member

Hollie Kennedy Town Board

Rick Matters Town Board Member

Bridget Fritz Town Board Member

Town Clerk

518-477-7145 518-477-4508
Ellen Pangburn Town Clerk

Michelle Eckler Deputy Town Clerk