Mannix Rd Culvert Project Update

Morner Road Culvert Replacement

Please take Notice that the project for the replacement of the Morner Road Culvert over a Tributary of Mill Creek is scheduled to commence on July 5th, 2022.  This project corridor will utilize a full road closure, which will remain closed until the completion of the project which is anticipated to be August 15th, 2022. This will require the use of a detour which will be clearly marked by signage prior to the date of the closure. 

Residents of Morner Road should have received a letter from the Department of Public Works regarding the closure with detour information.  Emergency Services and the East Greenbush Transportation Department have also been advised.  The following information is in regards to the closure/detour: 

From Best Road, Morner Road will close ¾ of a mile northeast, the last house accessible from Best Road is 140 Morner Road.  From Mammoth Spring Road, Morner Road will close ¾ of a mile southwest, the last house accessible from Mammoth Spring Road is 155 Morner Road.

Please bear in mind that weather and availability in materials are all factors in the timely completion of this job. As changes occur, they will be communicated to all involved and posted on the Town’s website - Public Works Projects.