Stormwater is rain or snowmelt that does not infiltrate into the ground but instead flows over the ground, driveways, parking lots, roofs and through gutters on buildings into storm drains, and into the nearest waterway – our lakes, rivers, and streams. As it flows, stormwater picks up or is contaminated by debris, chemicals, dirt and other pollutants. This stormwater runoff is discharged into the waterbodies we use for swimming, fishing and drinking water.

As part of the Town’s stormwater management program, the following materials are now available to help address water quality and stormwater runoff issues:

A new Stormwater webpage has been added to the Town’s website to provide a resource for residents, property owners, consultants, and contractors. The page will provide stormwater information, documents, annual reports, maps, and information about contractor training events. You can access the Stormwater webpage here:

And in an effort to provide Town residents with useful information about specific steps you can take to address stormwater runoff and help improve water quality in the Town’s streams, ponds, and other water bodies, an updated information brochure, “Only Rain to the Drain,” is also available from the stormwater webpage. Please visit the following link to view the brochure: