Notice of Public Hearing



            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that the East Greenbush Town Board shall hold a public hearing on February 14, 2024, at 6:00 P.M., at the East Greenbush Town Hall located at 225 Columbia Turnpike in the Town of East Greenbush, to receive comments from the public about a proposed local law as follows:


            A Local Law enacting certain amendments to Sections 65-4 and 65-38 of the East Greenbush Code relating to income eligibility for real property tax exemptions for senior citizens and persons with disabilities.


            Under the current Town Code, the Town authorizes a partial exemption of up to 50% from Town and Highway taxes for real property owned by senior citizens, or by persons with disabilities, having an income below a certain cap. Presently, the cap is set at $37,400.00. There is a sliding scale of percentage exemptions, going up to a full 50% exemption for those whose income is below $29,000.00.


            This proposed local law would increase the current income cap for eligibility for such partial deduction from $37,400.00, to $45,000.00. The exemption would be on a sliding scale, setting the exemption at 50% for those with income of $36,600.00 or below, up to 5% for income up to $45,000.00. For both the senior citizen exemption, and the disability exemption, the local law would provide that unreimbursed medical expenses of the owner would no longer be deducted from the owner’s income for the purpose of determining eligibility.


            The local law would be effective on March 1, 2024, and be applied to the tentative tax rolls prepared on and after that date, for taxes commencing on January 1, 2025.


            A copy of the proposed local law may be inspected at the Office of the Town Clerk during regular business hours. In addition, a copy of the proposed local law is also available on the Town’s website at:


Real Property Tax Exemption


            Written comments may be submitted to the Town Board by email to, or by mail to the Town Board, Town of East Greenbush, 225 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, New York 12144, at any time prior to the hearing.

 By order of the East Greenbush Town Board
Dated: January 19, 2023
 East Greenbush Town Clerk