Notice of Public Hearing - 5/19/2021 6:45 PM


            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that pursuant to a resolution adopted by the TOWN BOARD of the Town of East Greenbush, the Town Board shall hold a public hearing to receive public comment on a proposed local law on May 19, 2021, at 6:45 P.M., at Town Hall located at 225 Columbia Turnpike in the Town of East Greenbush, or by virtual means, to consider a local law. At that hearing, the Town Board shall receive comments from the public about a proposed local law as follows:

            A local law to impose certain penalties for emergency alarms within the Town of East Greenbush which transmit false alarms to the East Greenbush Police Department or a fire district or company.

           A number of homes and businesses throughout the Town of East Greenbush are equipped with alarm systems. These systems send fire or intrusion alarms to a private provider, who then forwards the call to the East Greenbush Police or to a fire district or fire company within the Town. At times, these systems are malfunctioning, and send false alarms to Town law enforcement or fire officials. This, in turn, results in a response from police or fire which serves no useful purpose, and which, indeed, may endanger emergency services to other East Greenbush residents with real emergencies. The proposed local law provides relevant definitions, and sets up a system of penalties for a malfunction, or repeated malfunctions of these alarm devices.

            A copy of the local law may be inspected at the Office of the Town Clerk during regular business hours. A copy of the proposed local law is also available on the Town’s website.

            Written comments may be submitted to the TOWN Board by email to or by mail to the Town Board, Town of East Greenbush, 225 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, New York 12144 at any time prior to the hearing.


 Dated: May __13_, 2021                                                                       By order of the East Greenbush Town Board   

                                                                                                                 Michelle Eckler, Deputy Town Clerk