Notice of Public Hearing - March 13, 2024



            PLEASE TAKE NOTICE, that pursuant to a resolution/order adopted by the East Greenbush Town Board at its regular meeting on February 21, 2024, the East Greenbush Town Board shall hold a public hearing on March 13, 2024 at 6:00 p.m. in the evening of said day, at the East Greenbush Town Hall, 225 Columbia Turnpike, East Greenbush, New York. The purpose of that public hearing will be to receive comments from the public relating to an application filed by Brittany Langley and Ryan Kenyon to extend the East Greenbush Consolidated General Water District to include a residential property located 70 Ridge Road (Tax Map I.D. 165.-1-10.14). The particulars of this proposed project are set forth as follows:


1.       A description of the boundaries of the proposed extension is annexed to this resolution as Schedule “A”;

2.      The project consists of providing an individual water service to an existing parcel of property located at 70 Ridge Road. The petitioners/owners will install a one-inch diameter HDPE water pipe to the new tap off the existing eight-inch Town water main to the property to be served, within the Town right-of-way, for approximately 450 +/- feet to the property line of 70 Ridge Road. Said one-inch main will be installed at a minimum depth of five feet to the top of the pipe and terminate at the subject property, where a curb box and shutoff will be installed. From the curb box to the shelf, the petitioners/owners shall install, own and maintain the proposed service lateral;

3.      The estimated cost of this project is $15,000.00, which will be paid entirely by the petitioners/owners;

4.      The hookup fees, if any, shall be the same as hookup fees imposed upon any other property owner in the district, and shall be paid by the petitioners/owners;

5.      A map, plan and report, containing the petition for this extension, and setting forth in greater detail the nature of the project, are on file in the Town Clerk’s Office for public inspection, and may be reviewed at the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours, and on the Town’s website at

6.      Written comments may be submitted to the Town Board by email to or by mail to the Town Board, Town of East Greenbush, 225 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, New York 12144, at any time prior to the hearing.

By order of the East Greenbush Town Board 
Dated: February 22, 2024                                                                                                                                                                                          ______________________________
East Greenbush Town Clerk