Notice of Public Hearing - Sewer Extension

Notice of Public Hearing - Proposed Sewer District Extension

September 28, 2023


Proposed Sewer District Extensions

The Town Board shall hold a public hearing at East Greenbush Town Hall, 225 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, New York, 12144 on October 11, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., to consider a petition and to hear all persons interested in the proposed district extension and to take such other and further action as may be required or authorized by law.

The petition concerns a residential subdivision known as Carver Court Major 110-lot Cluster Subdivision, located off Upper Mannix Road (Tax Map I.D. SBL: 155.-5-4 and 145.-1-21) (hereinafter, the “Project”) that was reviewed and conditionally approved by the Town of East Greenbush Planning Board on February 16, 2023. One lot comprising the Project, Tax Map I.D. 155.-5-4 (hereinafter, the “Property”), is not currently encompassed within the Town of East Greenbush Consolidated General Sewer District. A petition has been submitted by CLDZ, LLC (hereinafter, the “Petitioner”), for the Extension of the Town Consolidated Sewer District to encompass the Property. The Petitioner has provided Maps, Plans and Reports to extend, at the Petitioner’s expense, the Town Consolidated Sewer District to encompass the Property. The Petition, Maps, Plans and Reports are on file at the Town of East Greenbush Town Clerk’s office and are available for public inspection. The Report delineates the boundaries of the proposed sewer district extension, a general plan of the proposed system, report of the proposed method of operation, and estimated costs to a typical property within the extension.

All costs associated with the construction and installation of the new sewer district extension facilities will be paid by the Subdivision developer at no cost to the Town of East Greenbush, and there will be no financing required by the Town in connection with the district extension. Therefore the cost per user will only be the sewer usage rates, and for 2023 the sewer rates were $40.17 min/$3.84 per 1,000 gallon over 10,500 gallons. A detailed explanation of how the estimated costs of the district extension were computed is included in the Report which has been filed with the Town Clerk and is available for public inspection.

For more information please contact the Town Clerk at 518.477.7145 or visit the website:

Maps, Plans and Reports for proposed extension


Ellen Pangburn, Town Clerk