Operation Red Lights

East Greenbush Central School District and the East Greenbush Police Department are launching 'Operation Red Lights' to remind all motorists to exercise caution around school buses as the new school year begins.

As part of the program to help keep children safe, EGPD patrol cars will be following buses and monitoring bus stops for any drivers who illegally pass school buses. The name comes from the red lights on buses, which flash when the bus has stopped to load or unload a student.

New York State law requires motorists to stop when approaching any school bus that displays its flashing red lights and has its stop arm extended. Violations will be highly enforced by the EGPD throughout the school year.


-Yellow lights mean the bus is going to stop. Slow down!
-Red lights mean students are getting on or off the bus.
-It is illegal - and very dangerous - to pass a stopped school bus when the large red lights located on top of the bus are flashing. Flashing lights mean the bus is picking up or dropping off students.
-You must stop whether you are approaching the school bus from the front or overtaking it from the rear.
-You must always stop for flashing red lights, even on divided and multi-lane highways and on school grounds.
-The first-time fine for illegally passing a school bus is a $250 to $400 fine, 5 points on your license, and/or possibly 30 days in jail.

East Greenbush Central School District