Pre-Board Meeting Procedure

The Pre-Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM. There will be a presentation at 6:30PM and a Public Hearing at 7:15 . The following protocols will be in place to ensure everyone’s health and safety:

There will be a screener at the main entrance to screen everyone who will be granted access to the building.  The screening process includes recording name, phone number, temperature check and screening questions.  Upon completion of the screening process those granted access to Town Hall will be provided a Visitor badge that will verify that you were screened at the door.  Masks are required. Physical distancing protocols will be in effect.

The screener will monitor occupancy, which will be limited.  There will be a list of attendees and/or presenters that have business in front of the Town Board that will be prioritized for entry.  Access to Town Hall will be limited to the meeting area.  Bathrooms will be closed to the public during meetings.

For those unable to attend the meeting at Town Hall can watch the live stream via the Town of East Greenbush via Town Hall Streams.

We appreciate your compliance of the rules put into place to keep everyone safe during these times.  We will continue to monitor safety concerns and protocols and adjust as necessary.  Updates will be provided prior to each meeting.