Updated Storm Clean-Up & Brush Clean Up

Updated Information regarding Spring Clean Up:

The Spring Clean up pick up process will look a little different this year due to the amount of storm debris we still are still seeing.

By Thursday, April 18th, we will have completed our first trip through the Town for Storm Debris clean up. We will then begin the loop again - this time we will be picking up brush, lawn bags and storm debris (smaller than 12" in diameter). We will begin by the DPW Garage on Gilligan and follow the same route through Town. We will continue through the Town a second time to pick up all debris.

If you see the truck in your neighborhood - that means we will not be back through until we have made it through the whole Town again. You can put additional bags and brush piles out, but they will not be picked up again for over a week, possibly two - or - you can take it to the Transfer Station directly.

*The Commissioner is working to coordinate days with NYS DOT for assistance on the State Roads - we will not be picking brush up on 3rd Ave, Route 4 or Columbia Tpke until we have DOT assistance for traffic control.

**REMINDER - keep all brush and bags OUT OF THE ROADWAY so it does not become a road hazard for you or your neighbor. We have seen too many piles, branches and trees placed directly in the Road.**

Our crews have been working hard and doing a great job getting all the debris cleaned up. We appreciate everyone's kindness and understanding.