Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed to Join a Natural Resources Inventory Work Group

The Town Board and The Director of Planning and Zoning are seeking volunteers from the community to establish a Natural Resources Inventory Work Group.

A Natural Resources Inventory (NRI) compiles and describes naturally occurring resources as well as cultural resources such as historic, scenic and recreation within a municipality.

The purpose of an NRI is to provide information for comprehensive land use and conservation planning, and to allow natural resource information to be included in local planning and zoning.

The work group members will collaboratively determine the goals and scope of the project, review existing local studies and data sources, provide input on maps, write and format a report, and liaise with the municipal boards and the public about the project.

For more information please visit: NYSDEC: Creating a Natural Resources Inventory

If you're interested please contact Alison Lovely by phone 518-694-4011 or email alovely@eastgreenbush.org