Welcome to our new website!!

Welcome to our new website!! Our previous site crashed so we have had to rush the new one into production. Please bear with us. More information will be added to the site and the format will need tweaking but we wanted to share what we had with you. We’d appreciate your feedback so that we can provide the information you need to access the services we provide, and so that you can know what your Town government is doing with your hard-earned tax dollars. An effective and easy-to-navigate website is an essential form of communication, one that not only promotes transparency in government but also allows residents to obtain information that can save money and negotiate the often difficult process of acquiring necessary permits, licenses and approvals.

Please contact us at info@eastgreenbush.org with comments and suggestions for our new website. We encourage you to explore its many features and test whether it provides the information that you need to understand the workings of your Town government. Thanks for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you.