The purpose of this program is to provide a police officer to district school available as a resource to the administrators, faculty, staff and most of all the students. East Greenbush police officers have been visible and instructing in the district since the early 1980's when the first drug awareness program was introduced. Now, there is a more structured and organized system in place which has built on the rapport that the police department and school district share.

Who Are They?
School Resource Officers are certified New York State Police Officers that are employed by the Town of East Greenbush Police Department. SRO's are veteran officers assigned to the Youth Services Bureau of the police department. Certifications include D.A.R.E. Instructor training, School Resource Officer training and various juvenile related training. They also handle the majority of the juvenile related matters of the department.

The current School Resource Officer is Jay Martyn #51. Officer Martyn works Monday-Friday 6am-2pm and his office is located in Columbia High School.

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